New website and forums.

For a few years now the forums have been the only way we interact with our players outside of the game. That's why we decided to build a website that would be a portal to our current and future servers and give our forums an elegant new look.

The forums now give you the ability to switch between two themes, a light one and a dark one. The option to do so is available at the side panel.

We also want to boost our social media presence that's why we added a few social media buttons at the side panel as well as the bottom of the website. Social medias we are currently on are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. please note that the accounts provided are the only official ones so if you are already subscribed to an account that isn't on this list please unsubscribe.

You can find a list of useful links at the bottom of the forums. The list includes links to rules, news, and donation info.

We hope you enjoy the new look of the server and we would be more than happy to hear your feedback.

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