Server rules

In-Game Rules:

By registering an account on Fuse-Gaming and by logging in to our server, you acknowledge that you have fully read and understood the rules and agree to follow them. Breaking these rules will result in a punishment determined appropriate by staff, which may be as severe as a permanent ban (Account and / or IP).

It cannot be emphasized enough that if it’s your name connected to a rule-break, it doesn’t matter who really was playing on your account, You are responsible! The best defense against getting banned is following the rules and not allowing others to access your account!

1 - No Metagaming
Use of out of character information in character is not allowed. Asking someone to metagame is also against the rules.


Player 1 messages Player 2 via PM that he’s being held hostage by Player 3 and also states the location. Player 1 then decides to attempt to rescue Player 2.

Avoid using out of game communication devices such as Skype / Teamspeak 3 / Discord as this would be classed as metagaming.

Punishment(s) - (To Be Set)

2 - No Powergaming
Using acts that are not humanlike; Forcing roleplay on others without giving the player a fair chance or making things up which did not happen so that you can benefit.


~ John_Doe super-kicks Jane_Doe 40ft in the air causing her body to explode
~ Advertising of Illegal Items/Services using /ad
~ When taking out a large weapon, roleplay taking them out with /me’s instead of just scrolling them out.

Punishment(s) - (To Be Set)

3 - No Deathmatching
Killing another player without a roleplay reason is not allowed. This includes provoking a player into killing you | Revenge killing - Once someone's killed you, you cannot go back and attempt to kill that person as your in-game characters memory is wiped on death (This means you would not remember what happened prior to your death). This ALSO includes K.O.S (Killing on sight).

In regards to revenge killing, If you have been saved by medics/PD Etc then you’re allowed to continue the roleplay as you would still remember.

Punishments(s) - (To Be Set)

4 - No Cop baiting
Provoking the police to chase / initiate a roleplay with you in order to spark a reaction in an un-rp way.


~ Player 1 Speeds past a police car then returns and does the same thing in hope of starting a chase with cops.

Punishment(s) - (To Be Set)

5 - No OOC insults
There is no need to be hurtful or abusive OOC, Especially towards the staff members who are here to try and help you resolve your issues.

Punishment(s) - (To Be Set)

6 - No going OOC during RP
You must remain IC at all times, and especially during RP. Going OOC to complain about your RP opponent is not allowed either. You can take screenshots and gather evidence to file a report later or /report him without going OOC. The only exception to this rule is when the rule 8 is being broken.

Punishment(s) - (To Be Set)

7 - No avoiding RP
You are not allowed to ignore or void RP or refuse to be IC by not responding or logging out etc..


- Player 1 attempts to start an RP with Player 2 but Player 2 ignores him.
- Player 1 doesn't want to be killed or arrested so he logs out before being caught.

Punishment(s) - (To Be Set)

8 - No revenge rule breaking
You are not allowed to retaliate against a rule breaker by breaking rules yourself. You should gather evidence like screenshots or video and report him on forums or IG using /report.


- Player 1 DMs Player 2 so Player 2 returns to Player 1 and shoots him back.
- Player 1 OOCly insults Player 2 so Player 2 starts insulting him back.

Punishment(s) - (To Be Set)

9 - No sexual harassment, rape or necrophilia
You are not allowed to force someone into RPs of sexual nature nor engage in sexual activities in public. If you want to RP something of that nature, make sure you get the consent of every participating party.

Punishment(s) - Permanent IP ban

10 - No bug abusing
You are not allowed to abuse GTA glitches like c-bugging and slide-bugging. You are also required to report all server glitches to admins at the very least or post a detailed bug report on forums.

Punishment(s) - Permanent IP Ban.

11 - No third party software
Cleo mods, cheats and hacks are strictly prohibited. You will be punished without warning if you get caught using those.

Punishment(s) - Permanent Ban.

12 - No account sharing
You are not allowed to share accounts with siblings, relatives or anyone at all under any circumstances.

Punishment(s) - Account termination

13 - No stalking or harassing other community members
You are not allowed to collect or share private information about other players without their permission. This includes but not limited to, social media accounts, skype ID, email, phone number etc..

Punishment(s) - Permanent IP ban

*(This page does not cover all the rules. If staff find an unfitting behavior, they will punish the user accordingly. This page may be updated without notice. Check back once in awhile.)*


Fuse-Gaming Management Team

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